How Effective Is Your Strategy for BOOSTING Your Business Valuation?

Take action on these 10 quick questions to immediately receive a personalised in-depth report of how you are BOOSTING your business value. We'll also tell you what you can do to enhance value and to capitalise on your efforts to achieve lasting financial security and the living standard you deserve. Invest 3 to 5 minutes now to answer these 12 questions and receive practical, tactical and strategic tips to BOOST your business valuation and maximise profits after tax!

1.   I have a fail proof system to quickly identify, employ and retain 'A' players and am confident the key positions in my company are 100% filled with the right people.

2.   My business has a niche market with a highly differentiated offering due to my intellectual property (IP) and terrific terms I have developed with suppliers providing market position and customer sales that are envied by my competitors.

3.   I have a financial reporting system that allows me to precisely track which products/services are adding the most economic value to my company.

4.   I make effective use of financial and market data, metrics and hard tangible evidence to assess the performance of my business. We do not use 'opinions' to support decision-making.

5.   We have 'core strategic concept' for our business and my day to day operations are aligned. We say 'no' to any opportunity that does not fit within our core strategic concept, no matter how small or large the opportunity.

6.   I have a formal exit strategy that identifies successors and allows me to realise my full business equity value, released from debts, whether I leave during planned or unplanned events such as co-owner dispute, divorce, death, accident or prolonged illness.

7.   I understand the risks affecting my business and actively and consistently address them through specific interventions.

8.   I use a systematic strategic positioning strategy to help increase the acquisition attractiveness of my business and to get the attention of potential buyers well in advance of my planned exit.

9.   We have a culture that places a very high value on integrity, substance, and results. Our values align with our goals and actions.

10.   I have a team of experts to work with me when confronted with problems or opportunities. This allows me to continue building my business value, protects my assets and reduces tax through any stage of my business, whilst overcoming issues and capitalising on opportunities.

11.   Have you ever been approached by anyone to purchase your share of your business?

12.   When did you take ownership of your business?

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