How Prepared Are You To Exit Your Business With Maximum Cash Flow & Profits?

Take action on these 10 quick questions and immediately receive a FREE Personalized In-depth Business Succession Readiness Analysis™ to identify how to build your business value and legitimately manage capital gains tax on the sale of your business.

Invest 3 minutes in yourself now and answer these 10 questions to receive practical, tactical and strategic tips to exit your business with maximum cash flow and profits!

1.   I have created a Business Succession Planning system before I conceived my business structure that will allow me to dramatically increase my business value before I exit.

2.   I have a team of succession specialists that are continually working together with me to build a system that will grow my business value, protect my assets and reduce tax when I leave my business

3.   I have vendor finance options and terms in my succession plan that will entice the right buyers and ensure my future financial outcome is certain?

4.   I have a succession plan that allows me to realise my full business equity value without any financial disadvantage whether I leave during planned or unplanned times such as unexpected and sudden events caused by co-owner dispute, divorce, bankruptcy, death, accident or prolonged illness?

5.   I have my business ownership structured to reduce tax and provide ownership continuity upon leaving my business?

6.   I have a succession plan that will effectively eliminate my responsibility of debts, loan securitisation and personal guarantees upon exiting my business?

7.   I have unique terms with my customers and suppliers that are so envied by my competitors that they would pay a premium for my business to gain that exposure.

8.   I use a systematic approach to build value in the marketplace that easily attracts buyers to my business at the same time?

9.   I have a fail proof system of quickly identifying, employing and retaining 'A' players.

10.   I have a management culture that rewards people I employ with incentive to enable me to fully capitalise with a bigger share of the growing market.

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